UTOPIA: No-code integration platform

From simple integrations on a budget to enterprise solutions made to scale.

Whether you are looking to do simple integrations to save time or looking for a complete no-code backend for your development project, Utopia is the solution you need.

Every integration comes with all the bells and whistles – no compromise:
- Full transaction interface and logging
- Rate limiting and Quality of Service
- Queueing and batching
- Ability to retry failed documents
- Clear no-code workflow in a UI that anyone can understand
- Production tested over many years
- Hosting ready to scale

You can license UTOPIA using our cost-effective shared cloud hosting, or host it in your own private cloud infrastructure, or even white label and use it as an integration and workflow engine for your own proprietary software product.

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What our customers have to say

"Moditar has looked after our retail and eCommerce integrations for the past six years and I can highly recommend their services. Their customer service is professional and efficient, and they have handled our ERP transitions with ease"

Financial Systems Analyst - Meridian Wines
“Ours is a fast-moving business and our customers expect excellence. Moditar has transformed our business through direct integration of orders from our large catering customers, and their B2B Order App has been fantastic in automating order receipt from our restaurant clients”

Director at LaConcorde

Case Studies

Meridian Wines

LaConcorde Bakery
Spier Wine Farm