The No-Code Integration specialists

Moditar uses state of the art no-code integration platforms to deliver turn key integration projects in a fraction of the time it takes using code. On-prem and cloud Integrations created to scale with your business.

Moditar has looked after our retail and eCommerce integrations for the past six years and I can highly recommend their services. Their customer service is professional and efficient, and they have handled our ERP transitions with ease

Jacques - Financial Systems Analyst - Meridian Wines

“Ours is a fast-moving business and our customers expect excellence. Moditar has transformed our business through direct integration of orders from our large catering customers, and their B2B Order App has been fantastic in automating order receipt from our restaurant clients”

Alex - Director at LaConcorde Bakery

Automate repetitive tasks

Optimise your supply chain

Break down data silos

Lower cost and project time

High fidelity integrations

No-code workflow setups

We specialise in integration projects to automate processes for improved efficiency

We deliver projects using the Utopia no-code integration platform to get projects done fast. We can work in conjunction with your team to handle a portion of the project, or else take full control and deliver turn key integration projects in record time.

We use integration tools that simplify the integration process in UI, this removes the risk of being reliant on a single developer to understand the code. We also provide training so that your team can understand and manage your own workflow once the project is signed off.

We use Utopia so that you can host the integration platform in your own environment, this means you do not pay any transaction fees as your integration voulumes increase which saves you a fortune as your business and integrations grow. It also means that none of your data travels through 3rd party hosting and remains in your control for GDPR and POPI data protection.

Our core principles



Data is created once and never recaptured


Information where you need it for better business decisions


Unlock value in your data by using our turn-key solutions

Get more from your systems and people

At Moditar, we create systems that reduce the time and cost required for corporate efficiency projects, primarily in supply chain and finance where there are large volumes of valuable data.

The reality is that a business does not operate in isolation, it is a race in efficiency against the market.


We offer services to empower applications, people, and businesses through a focus on the integration, aggregation and normalization of data.

We partner with businesses that need to manage and control large volumes of disparate data.

Case Studies

Meridian Wine Merchants

LaConcorde Bakery
Spier Wine Farm